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Trippeo’s integration for Slack makes keeping track of your business costs even more streamlined. With our integration, you can upload images of their receipts directly to Slack. From there, our handy little bot will sync those Receipts with your personal ReceiptKeep. And just like that, your receipts are accounted for, your expenses documented, and your money ready to be reimbursed. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here’s how you can get in on the magic:


Firstly, if you do not already have a Trippeo account, you can sign up here. Your first 30-days is free. If possible, use the same address that you use for your Slack account.


To integrate your Slack and Trippeo accounts, navigate to your Company Settings page. About halfway down the page, you’ll notice the Slack logo. Click on the “Edit” option, and then click “Configure Slack.”


Stay with us now: clicking on “Configure Slack” will take you to your Slack account. You’ll be prompted to give your bot a name. We suggest something like “Receipts.”


You’ll also be presented with an API token. Copy that token, and navigate back to your Trippeo integration page. Paste it into the form space that reads “ -----”. Click “Save Changes.” After that, your accounts are connected and you’re good to go! Jump into your Slack dashboard to meet your new Trippeo bot.


Your Trippeo bot will always be online. Like a good, sleep-deprived friend. To use him, jump into your channel and upload a picture of a receipt. Your bot will thank you (he’s polite) and automatically sync that bill with your ReceiptKeep. Boom. Proof of purchase, every time.

Already have a Slack AND a Trippeo account, but with different email addresses? Don’t fret: in your Trippeo settings, you can update which email you use for Slack. Your receipts won’t be able to sync to ReceiptKeep unless your emails match.

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