Setting Up Trippeo (for Administrators)

Welcome to Trippeo - beautifully simple software that makes managing your business' travel and expenses fast and simple.

It’s easy to get started in 4 quick steps.

1. Create Your Company

Trippeo helps keep your business travel and expense (T&E) spending in-check by:

  • Keeping your team within the guidelines of your policy
  • Making it fast and easy for employees to manage and submit their expenses
  • Keeping your approval workflows streamlined and organized

First, you’ll want to set up your company. Click to “Settings” and then “Company Settings” to name your company. Click “Edit” to make any changes, and hit “Update” once you’re done to save your information right away.

You can also make adjustments here to your company’s expense categories, mileage settings, or any customizations that are unique to your business.

2. Invite Team Members

You’ll want to invite your team members next. Click to “Teams” in the top-right menu, and then to “Invite Team Members”. You can invite each person one by one by filling in their name and email address. For larger teams you can also upload a CSV file containing everyone’s information and we’ll do the inviting for you.

Each invited team member will receive an email notifying them that they’ve been added, with instructions on what to do next.

Are you a Google Apps for Business customer? For even easier set -up you can connect your Google account with Trippeo to share your company’s members and organizational structure. In just a few clicks your entire team can be set up. Here are instructions on how to get set  up with Google Apps.

3. Create / Manage Your Teams

Organizing your members into “teams” allows you to group them by department and assign a manager who can approve or reject their expense reports. Teams should mirror how you naturally organize the people in your company (ie: department, region, team, etc).

To set up teams first click to “Teams” in the top right menu and then to “Manage Team”. You can create and name new teams here, and then add members simply by clicking on the blue number beside the relevant team.

4. Set Up Your Company's Policies

Setting up your company’s policies helps keep everyone within the company’s spending guidelines.

You can set up policies by clicking to “Policies” in your top right menu. Any settings you adjust here will apply to everyone in your company account. There are some general policies you can turn on or /off, in addition to detailed settings you can customize. granular custom settings you can implement.

For example, ABC Technologies, Inc limits per night accommodation costs at $500 per night. The Administrator can set up a policy in Trippeo like the custom policy added below. In this case, when an employee tries to submit an expense report with an out-of-policy expense, they will be presented with the customizable “Warning Text”.

And that’s it! Congratulations - your team is all set -up and ready to begin automating their expenses with Trippeo.


Prefer video learning? Check out our recorded webinar and sit back, relax, and follow along!



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