Create An Expense Report

You've connected your credit card so all of your expenses have been imported automatically, and then you added a few cash transactions from your business trip. Nice work! Now what?

Now you need to compile everything into an expense report and send it off to your manager for approval. Luckily we make this a breeze so you can get back to business faster.

You must be in the Trippeo web dashboard to create and manage expense reports.

From Report View

1. Click "+ Add New Report".

2. Enter a name for your report.

3. Enter your approver's email address or select them from the drop down if you are part of a company account.

4. Click the blue "+" to view and add expenses.

5. When done, exit the expense pop-up and either submit the report to your approver or save as a draft. 


From Expense View

1. Select the expenses you want to include in your report.

2. Click the "report" icon to add expense(s) to a report.

3. Fill in Report Name and receiver (your approver).

4. Submit or save as draft.


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