Using Trippeo Concierge To Automate Expense Reports

Think of the Trippeo Concierge as your personal assistant. The concierge is dedicated to taking care of time-consuming, tedious tasks for you. The tasks start with your expense reports but stay tuned as they will be able to take care of more for you soon!

It's easy to get started.

1. Click the Concierge icon in your left menu.

2. Give your Concierge access to your calendar so they have insight into your schedule. Click the "Connect With Google Calendar" button to do so.

(Don’t worry, Microsoft users, your Office integration is in the works and will be launching shortly.)

3. Use your Google Calendar as you normally would to plan your trip. Add your trips to Google Calendar and invite "". This is your Concierge's email address and inviting them lets them know you'll need their help for this trip.

(Pro Tip: Before you go on your trip, make sure you also sync your business credit card. This way your Concierge has read-only access and can help manage your expenses while you’re on the go).

4. If you're not a Google user you can still use the Concierge through the Concierge "Trip Calendar". Select the Calendar, click and hold to select your dates, and then name your event.

4. Travel (and have a great trip)!

5. During your business trip, your Concierge will organize all expenses that you incur (both automated ones and manual ones you enter). You will know the Concierge is working by the flashing icon in the top bar of your dashboard.

6. Come home from your trip.

7. Your Concierge will be collecting the last of your expenses and will let you know via email when your report is ready.

8. Open your report through the email OR you can also find it under "Expenses" and then "Reports" in your dashboard. 

9. Click the "upload" icon to attach receipts to any expenses as needed.

10. Review your expense report.

11. Send!




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