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Trippeo helps companies and teams streamline their business travel. You can set up company policies to help everyone book the most appropriate travel, in addition to maintaining clear communication and approval channels for expense reports across the company.

Make sure you are in Trippeo's web dashboard to get started with setting up your company.

1. Click to "Teams" near the top right hand side of your screen and select "Invite Team Members"

2. Enter in the Name and Email address of each member you'd like to add, or use a CSV to invite multiple members at a time. 

3. You can also create Teams that organize all of these people into their appropriate departments or groups. To do this, click to "Teams" and then "Manage Team".

4. Create a new team by typing in a name for it

5. To add members, simply click the number under "Members" beside the team name to pull up a list of people already in your company. Click the "Add" button to add them to this team.

*Notes: members can be a part of multiple teams.


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